Shanghai YiTai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.


       Shanghai Yi Tai Pharmaceutical Technology Company Ltd. (Yi Tai ) is a drug development biotechnology company based in Shanghai, China, with focus on the development of radiopharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals for oncology. It currently has a GMP nuclear pharmacy and head office in Shanghai.

       The company was formed in 2016 for the development of 188Re-HEDP as a pain-relief reagent for secondary bone cancer.  This new drug is currently under Phase 2 clinical trial in China. As 188Re has an excellent property for both imaging and therapeutic applications, Yi Tai and its international partner – IRE of Belgium, is collaborating on the development of further 188Re linked biologics as cancer imaging and therapeutic agents.

        Yi Tai has a strong in-house team of scientists and clinical researchers, and it has close collaborations with local research institutes and cancer hospitals in all its different projects, which cover Nuclear Pharmacies , novel peptides for cancer treatment, and Cell therapy. Yi Tai has also developed strong international collaborations with IAEA, University of Bonn and RAD4MED of Belgium in development of nuclear medicine for Oncology applications.